Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 3- MTC: No E-mail This Week :(

We did not receive an e-mail from Jeffrey this week, and his companion's family did not get an e-mail from their missionary either. Elder Clarke's mother e-mailed Jeff's mother with this message:

"I am wondering if you got an email from your missionary?  I did not.  My son, Elder Dave Clarke, has a good friend from high school who now works at the MTC in the health center for missionaries.  She sent me a message today, and said that she saw him today at the health center, because he had a bad cough and needed a prescription.  She said she talked to him for a few minutes, and met your son too, and that they both seemed happy.  She said they both told her they were doing really well learning the language.  They both told her that they were leaving for Peru 3 weeks from yesterday---but I wonder if their visas will arrive in time.  What do you think?"

So, it sounds like our Elder Bromley is still doing well. We will hopefully hear from him next week when his companion is back in good health. And hopefully soon we will be getting his e-mails from Peru!

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