Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 84- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Sorry!

Sorry I did not have any time to write this week! I'll write you next week!

I love you! Chau!

Elder Bromley

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 83- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Transfers!

I have been transferred to Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima. Elder Sanhueza is going to stay back in Villa Maria and train a new missionary. I have recently gotten to Chorrillos. I am so thankful for the chance that I have had to work in Villa María and to help the people there. I have especially enjoyed the new focus on retaining converts and taking them to the temple. I will include more details on a future date. I hope to be able to take all the good that I have learned from that area and to bring it here to Los Laureles 2 so I can catalyze the work in the way that God would have me do it. I am confident that Elder Paredes and I are going to put all of our heart and soul into hastening the work here in Chorrillos.

I am still recently getting to know the names and the faces of all of the missionaries here as well as the members and non members in my area, but I plan on putting all that I have into this assignment. What I want to do is help all of the missionaries here capture the spirit of the Work of Salvation. I want us all to be unified in purpose with the mark on Christ working in the manner of the Lord. I want a zone of true disciples. And that is what we will do here.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley

The Elders cooking in Villa Maria

Going to the temple with Jose Antonio

Elder Sanhueza
In Chorrillos with Elder Paredes
The puppy that lives at the internet

Week 82- Villa Maria, Lima, Peru: No Email

I did not receive an email for the group from Jeffrey this week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 81- Villa Maria, Lima, Peru: Viiiillla Maaariiia

This week Elder Sanhueza and I have been trying to work on helping people understand the core principles of the lessons and applying it to themselves. We have seen success in this as one of our less actives, after having heard the plan of salvation, began to search for a pen and paper asking us to write the 5 steps of the Gospel for her to remember how receive forgiveness for her sins. A similar thing happened with one of our other investigators who wanted to write down the 5 steps in the Gospel to send to her daughter who is far from home. The Spirit testifies in simplicity, which is something we have been trying to hone in our teaching skills, and when that Spirit gets to the heart of a person, naturally they want to change. What more is that they also feel the need to share the message with those who they love most.

The Gospel is simple but not easy. Often one can find himself or herself straying from their beliefs. Never forget the first two steps, faith and repentance. Coupled with the Sacrament it is irreplaceable in our lives.

Elder Bromley