Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 96- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Fotos

Meeting Great Grandpa Victor Lazon

The whole zone Chorrillos (without the 5 office elders)

Elder Bromley's district last transfer
Matrimonio masivo!

Jonathan y Carmen

Julio y Rosibety (con sus hijos Nicolás y Kiara)

Miguel y Daian

Wedding reception of Jonathan y Carmen

Baptism of Nora Gonzales (daughter of Gregorio Gonzales)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weeks 94 & 95- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Here's What's Been Happening

So cambios have come by and I'm still here in Chorrillos! I am now in a trio with Elder Perez and another missionary who's name is Elder Valenzuela. I'm not quite sure if I will be here for the next 6 weeks, but we will keep working hard this cambio.

Thank you all for the prayers! I mentioned before that we were working with three families; we have gone through all kinds of hardships with these families but the good new is that two of them have gotten married and one more will get married today! It has been a serious test of faith, but the outcome is incredible.

One family was worried about financial problems; the husband and lost his work, and the biggest prospect for employment he had been lost as well. Their worry was that if they were to get married, then they would not have money to provide for their baby boy. After they had commented to us all of their difficulties, I felt prompted to smile and tell them that that moment was the perfect chance to put into test their faith. We assured them that all was going to go well, and a few hours later, the husband received a call from a business that needed employees. He found work and was able to pay for his wedding.

Another family was a little bit discouraged as their previous marriage attempts had failed. They were not even started with their papers two days before they were due. We visited them and talked about faith, and how God uses His power in accordance with our faith, or ACTION. We invited them to proceed as though they were going to accomplish getting married so that God would have something in which to help them. The next morning we ran into the husband who was on his way to fill out his papers. He finished all of the paperwork in one day, and they signed and got married on Friday.

Thank you for everything! I will send you all pictures next week!

Read your scriptures, share the Gospel, and go to church!

Elder Bromley