Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 28- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: Current Investigators

Next week is transfers; I will email on Wednesday.

My companion and I visited a family that we are teaching this week. It is a mom, Magali, and her 2 kids and 1 baby. The father passed away about a year ago and one of our members gave her a plan de salvación pamphet and set up an appointment with us. 

It has been a couple weeks since that day and we have now placed a baptismal date for them and are preparing them lesson by lesson, leaving challenges to help them grow in their faith. The younger broher, Hyrum (he needs to be Mormon with that name) is probably my favorite person in the world right now. I asked him if he had been reading in his Libro de Mormón and he said that he would read a little bit every night so that he could feel close to Jesus.

I hope that one day all of us can have this young and pure faith in scripture study. Open up your books and feel God's presence.

Elder Bromley

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 27- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: Melina, Alissa, y Miguel (Parte Dos)

So a little about our recent converts. Melina and Alissa are a mom and daughter that have been receiving missionary lessons since before I got here. They also were the first family I met here and I could not understand their accents at all. Claudia, the older daughter of Melina, already had been baptized but her little sister was more timid. Melina, being as loving as she is, waited for her daughter to accept the fecha so they could get baptized together.

Miguel, or Mickey, is a life-long friend of our pensionist (the nice woman who provides us with lunch and dinner every day) and one day he decided to listen in to a lesson. That night we watched the Restoration video and he said in that moment he could feel the spirit. Now he is slowly working his way into the warm arms of the church and finding a "spiritual tranquility" that he can't describe but always wanted. He has received the Aaronic Priesthood and now we're helping him to advance even more.

This week church was awesome. We had 8 investigators come to sacrament meeting, including a new family that we escorted to church, and all three messages of the first hour were about the family (plus the primary sang "familias pueden ser eternas"). It touched the heart of the mom, Magali, as she sat with her two sons and baby girl. The Holy Ghost is real.

I hope all of you know how sacred the family is in the eyes of God. The first paragraph under the heading "temples" in True to the Faith says that the only place comparable to temples spiritually is the home. Look at the eternal aspect of this life; the entire purpose of us being here is to make it back to God with our FAMILIES. The Family is a blessing so great that he wanted us to have it and has given commandments to protect it. There is no better place to apply and live the principles of the Gospel of Christ.

For this reason I'm extending to all of you an invitation that was given in that great sacrament meeting.

1. Have family home evenings
2. Pray daily personally as well as in your families
3. Study the scriptures daily as well as in your families

Edify your lives on the love of Jesus Christ and you will find spiritual tranquility as well as the fear-extinguishing hope that flows from the Atonement. Families can be together forever.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 26- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: Melina, Alissa , y Miguel

This weekend we were blessed with three baptisms and three confirmations. La Hermana Alissa Casteñda, su mamá, la Hemana Melina Martinez, and Miguel Alarcón, el taxista. We are now trying to do our part to pass them off the the members as we continue setting metas for them to accomplish i.e. priesthood and the temple. I think that Alissa said it best to her mom- she hugged her and said, "Mamá ¡Ahora estamos juntos!"

I am out of time but I will let you know more next week about our three new converts! I cannot express how happy I am for each of them. Three souls have entered the gates, and now they are on the one true path.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley

Hermano Manrique, Elder Guerrero, Alissa Casteñada, Melina Martinez, y Elder Bromley

Elder Guerrero, Miguel Alarcón (Mickey), y Elder Bromley

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week 25- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: Be Doers of the Word

I hope all of you got the chance to watch conference this weekend! Now remember the words of Robert Hales and be doers of the word instead of just hearers. Don't let the embers left from the fire of the Holy Ghost turn to ashes; kindle what you have learned to cultivate and grow your seed of faith until you can eat the fruit of life and experience the joy that only comes through Jesus Christ. 

Prepare yourselves so that you may worthily serve as member missionaries. The Prophet has called you more than once, and the Prophett speaks on behalf of God. Focus on others so that one day when all has been said and done, you can look back and see all of the eternities you have changed because you shared the Gospel.

I Love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley