Monday, January 26, 2015

Weeks 92 & 93- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Sunday Visit from Perez Relatives

Elder Bromley was visited at the Laureles 2, Chorrillos, Lima branch on Sunday, Jan 18 by his mother's cousin Isabel Perez and niece Sharlotte Alunni! How wonderful that he was able to meet some more of his Peruvian relatives.

Isabel, Elder Perez, Elder Bromley, Sharlotte

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 91- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Really Quickly

So I'm going to write really really quickly.

Everything is going well with Elder Perez. The missionaries here in Chorrillos are doing great, we are all working our butts off everyday trying to find the chosen families. My companion and I have been working with a few of those families; we are currently working with two couples of less active members and their girlfriends, and another couple of two less actives. We are hoping the marry all three of them this 13 of February. Pray for us and for them!

I love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley

P.S. the pictures include my second son and two of my grandsons

By calling a missionary his "son," Elder Bromley means a missionary that he trained. A "grandson" is a missionary that his "son" trained.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 90- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Cambios!

Sorry! I had to actualize some things for this month and I ran out of time! I'm ok, I'm healthy, Elder Perez is awesome, and the missionaries are great!

Go to the Rescue!

Elder Bromley

Week 89- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Cambios!


I'm still in Chorrillos but now I'm with Elder Perez de Mexico.

Les escribiré next week

I love you all!

Elder Bromley

Elder Paredes

New companion: Elder Perez

Week 88- Los Laureles, Chorrillos, Lima, Peru: Christmas Skype Call

Jeff was able to Skype home on Christmas day. A few family members came over to his mom's house when he called, and his two older sisters were able to connect through FaceTime. Jeff looked so healthy and happy. He said that choosing to serve a mission was the best decision of his life. He had to stop to think when speaking English, and spoke with a bit of an accent. He shared a beautiful testimony at the end of his call in both Spanish and English. We are so proud of our missionary and can't wait to have him home soon!

Elder Bromley up on the big screen
Melanie (and baby Andrew) on FaceTime from Georgia, Heidi from Utah, and Belle and Nico in Alamo