Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 24- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru- Obedience Brings Blessings

Everything is going well down here in Peru. My companion and I have been working very hard to be successful in our work. We have several investigadores con fecha, including a taxi driver named Micky, and we are doing our best to bring them to true conversion. It is hard work, but I'm putting my faith in the Lord because he has called and qualifed me to do this and now I just need to do everything on my side of the promise. 

We have found some very nice potentials and reestablished contact with a couple investigadores antiguos. I push myself hard to be better everyday and am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have to serve here despite the difficulties that we have now and again. 

One of the hardest parts about missionary work is bringing people to this "true conversion." It is resultant from enduring to the end with full purpose of heart but can be accomplished by three basic things. Pray, read in the scriptures, and go to church. And do it with faith. 

Ether 12:18 says that miracles are a product of faith which we know reading from verse 6 means we have to act first. Obedience is an act of faith. In the mission there is a saying, obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles. 

I can promise you right now that a change of heart is a hard thing to achieve but the miracle of repentance is possible through our willingness to follow Christ. Read and pray with faith and learn from the examples in the Book of Mormon and all around you. Great things come to pass by means of small things. Do all in your power to take upon yourself the name of Christ and He will uphold his part of the promise. 

I love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley II

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 23- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru- Fluent?

So I guess I'm fluent now because I gave a 15 minute talk in church and someone said I should publish it.

I don't have anytime to write more, but please find someone this week, anyone, and share the message of the restoration  or that families can be together forever. Think of things on an eternal perspective. Seek for understanding more than knowledge.

Love you all

Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 22- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: The Sacred Design of the Family

So everything is still going well in Perú. The language is becoming second nature, although I'm not perfect at speaking it yet. Some people think I'm from Brazil because of the way I talk, which must mean I mumble a lot in Español. But people enjoy the accent. haha. Quick story: I found a box full of Spanish Liahona magazines in our apartment and started reading them. I eventually found a talk I really liked by President Monson and was super excited that it was in Spanish, when I went back to read the title, I was disappointed to realize that this magazine in particular had been in English the entire time. It was so weird...

My companion and I have been finding a lot of solid people this week to teach, including the brother-in-law of Wilmer, who is waiting on a signature to get baptized. One of the Hermanas in our ward is also being a missionary and we started teaching three people because of her, all of whom attended Stake Conference yesterday (Elder Richard G. Scott can speak perfect English). 

The prevalent theme of the entire conference was the family. The family is at the center of what we teach to people. It is a sacred design ordained of God and was created to help insure the eventual return of His own children one day. A family based off the teachings of Christ will not fall. Problems will always occur but the love that is charity is infinitely stronger. So have family home evenings and pray as families. I promise you that you will be blessed with peace.

Elder Jeff Bromley II

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 21- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: Hope and Faith

Hello Everybody!

So this week had its ups and downs. Wilmer's mom didn't sign his registro bautismal (don't know what that is in english) so he couldn't get baptized this Saturday. He still came to church though and isn't shrinking in his desire to learn. Sunday was great because though because we had a ton of less active members there, I've never seen the chapel that full before!

This week I feel like a big theme has been hope and faith. I've also began reading the scriptures listed as references under the hymns; its great. Read 2 Nefi 25:23, 26, 29

Keep reading and praying and going to church! Love you all!

Elder Jeff Bromley

Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 20- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: OLA

Hello everybody!

I think somebody is praying super hard for me because I haven´t gotten sick yet and it's been three weeks. But now I jinxed it so I'll keep you posted. Perú is great I´m loving every moment of  it. My companion and I have a baptism this weekend. The investigator is Wilmer and he is such a cool kid. He takes in knowledge so quick and learns everything we teach him instantly. He´s already got such a strong testimony, which is good because his mom is very active in a different church. Last week my companion and I were able to have her sit in on a couple lessons and little by little she's opening up. But Wilmer is a fighter. I have faith in him.

Speaking of fighting, my mission president gave a talk last night to us and the recent converts and investigators we brought which was great. It was about enduring till the end and what it means. We teach an acronym here: OLA. Orar, Leer, Asistir, or in English, Pray, Read, Attend (church). When we are doing those things daily or weekly, we will be on the straight and narrow and  receive the blessings promised in 2 Nefi 31.

Love you all!

Elder Jeff Bromley II