Friday, May 17, 2013


Jeffrey still has not received his visa in the mail, so he has received a temporary mission reassignment to Eugene, Oregon! His current MTC companion, Elder Clarke, has also not received his visa, so they will be traveling there together this coming Wednesday. They will dive right into their new roles as field missionaries upon arrival, and will remain in the Oregon Eugene Mission for an indeterminate amount of time. Whenever their visas arrive, they will be back on track to their original assignment in the Peru Lima South Mission.

Here are some photos of the beautiful place where Jeff will be spending the next portion of his mission:

While Jeff is serving in Eugene, you can still send letters and packages to him through I will post his new Oregon address for direct mailing once I receive that information from him. Can't wait to hear about his first experiences in the mission field!

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  1. I just talked to the Missionary Travel Center about Jeff's visa. Since he has now been assigned to Eugene, he will be there for at least 6 weeks. Even if his visa comes next week, they won't pull Jeff from his temporary assignment before that 6-week period. It makes it very difficult for the mission president in Oregon to manage transfers and companionships if elders come and go on the spur of the moment.