Thursday, May 23, 2013

Temporary Mission Reassignment: Calls from the Portland Airport and Eugene Mission Office

Here is a message from Jeffrey's mother, who was able to speak to him on the phone yesterday morning as he was on his way to Eugene, Oregon:

"Our dear Elder Jeff Bromley called this morning from Portland, Oregon, as he waited for his connecting flight to Eugene, Oregon with his wonderful MTC companion Elder Clarke. He was happy to report that he was very excited to start working as a field missionary and said that it felt very weird to be speaking English with others after speaking Spanish only at the MTC, so he decided to talk to me in Spanish and his Spanish was amazing- so eloquent and clear! He sends his love and gratitude to all of you. Thank you so much for helping me raise such an amazing young man."

Another message after she received a call from the mission office:

"I just got a phone call from the Oregon mission office. Our Elder Jeff Bromley is now in Medford, Oregon- the southern most part of Oregon, almost to the border with California! In a Spanish speaking mission!  His new companion is Elder Ketchum from Arizona and his former MTC companion Elder Clarke is also in Medford and will work with Elder Fernandez. All four missionaries are sharing one apartment and will get to work together sharing the gospel in Spanish! I'm so super happy! 
Immensely grateful to Heavenly Father!"

Jeff's mom was also told that his new P-Day will be Monday, so that's when we can expect to hear from him next. Also, they will be sending her more mission information with Jeff's new address in Medford shortly- I will post the information here as soon as I receive it. 

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