Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 33- Las Palmeras, Lima, Peru: Santusa

Hello everybody!

To add to that list of weird food I've eaten is cow tongue, which actually wasn't too bad.

Today I want to talk about an investigator we have, Santusa.

Santusa is a widow as of less than two months. She has four kids, two of which live with her, and she sells vegetables for a living. I met her through a member who brought her to a church activity and we talked there and she accepted an invitation to hear more about our message. We passed by the next night and she wasn't there, but as we were driven back to our apartment, we saw a woman carrying a big scale, to weigh the vegetables, in both her hands walking by herself down a dark road, a journey that I am sure is familiar to her. In her valiant effort to make it to our appointment in time she was walking as fast as she could and she breathed hard as she got in the taxi. In my head rang words from Jeffrey R Holland, "Don't you give up. You keep trying."

Brothers and sisters, find these souls that are walking by themselves and help them come unto Christ. Help the missionary effort - the work of salvation.

Elder Bromley

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