Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 37- Huanta, Ayacucho, Peru: Hola Hola Hola (and PICTURES!)

So Huanta Ayacucho is basically paradise. I'm here with my two companions still. We get along get and we have really been working hard this last week. Among the lessons that we've been teaching and the new investigators that we've been finding, we have also found time to study the language together. Both Elder Oliden and Elder Gonzales can speak a few sentences in English, which comes in handy when we need to talk to each other secretly amongst the Peruvians, but I have taken it upon myself to help them learn as much English as possible. We now have a wall with letters that aren't the same as other letters to help them with their accents.

As I said before, we have been working really hard and have been having great success, but we're not the only one's working; there is a less active member, María, who we have been visiting. As of late, she has continually been introducing us to her "neighbors" (people who live near her store). We have found five new investigators through Maria's desires to share the gospel, three of which accepted baptismal dates. This just shows us that it really doesn't matter who you are, we can all be great tools in the Lord's hands if we choose to be.

Christmas here was pretty cool; we watched Home Alone as a zone and then we spent the night with our District Leader in Huamanga. At midnight the entire city was exploding with fireworks. It sounded like a war.  The 4th of July is really nothing compared to Christmas in Ayacucho hahaha

One more thing. Last night the Ward Mission leader and we got together with the missionaries de  barrio (a small army of YSA) and helped teach them to share the gospel with those who are recent converts and less active. It really was impressive to see these young members practice sharing the gospel and and then accept assignments to go do visits. It really proves to show that the Lord uses the unlikely to accomplish the impossible.

I love and miss you all!


Elder Bromley

Jeff's wall of pronunciation for the Spanish-speaking elders

Eating cuy (guinea pig)

Huanta, Ayacucho

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