Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 50- Huanta, Ayacucho, Peru: Constant Progress (with PICTURES!)

Here's a short letter because we have even less time to write today!

This week has been good but a little bit challenging. President Douglas came to Ayacucho and we had a Zone training. I feel like I learned a ton about what it is I need to improve and also that although that I've been on the mission a year now, I still have a TON to learn. But that's the way life works. CONSTANT progress. I'm just glad that my companion and I didn't mess up when President Douglas had us do a practice lesson in front of everybody and that we were still able to learn from it. Sometimes it can get awkward to see the same missionaries do the same practice several times but it is the bast way to learn. Haha.

We were blessed to have a baptism this week; la Hna. Milagros was bapatized and confirmed this last week and bore her testimonio for the first time in the last fast and testimony meeting. The ward is now working on the things necessary for her retention. She is a very strong convert with a great testimony of the Book of Mormon; I asked her one morning as I was buying bread for breakfast if she had been reading and she said "I don't know what I'd do with my day if I hadn't read my scriptures." Please Learn from this great example. Milagros is one of the busiest people I have met in Peru but she still has time for God in her life every day.

The last hymn we sang caught my attention, the last verse translates to, "Men and Angels will sing together: brave, we will march, armies of Christ, and take up the arms of light and righteousness." This last week we attended the year anniversary of the death of the other recent convert, Milagros Marquez. Milagros C. (the baker) has also had her mom pass away and another little member boy who got baptized as well has had his dad pass away. I know for a fact that these people are still with us and I can only imagine how they felt seeing these baptisms and how they are going to church.

After her baptism we ate dinner with the Bishop and his huge family. Milagros was able to make RED VELVET CAKE in her little bakery. it was SOO GOOD.

Please have a question in your heart for general conference this week!

I love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley

Elder Bromley's artwork at the baptism of Andreé y Milagros
El artista y su obra
With Milagros and her best friend Beverly
Red velvet cake (Jeff's favorite!)

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