Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 48- Huanta, Ayacucho, Peru: Another Week of Work (and PICTURES)

This week has been a ton of work; I've been trying my hardest to forget myself and get to work, and I feel as though it is paying off. Elder Riveros and I have been working hard this first week and have been able to reach many of our goals. We will keep looking for ways to be more efficient in all we do and not leave holes in any of the goals which we set. We will also be working harder to find new investigators and keep setting baptismal dates.

Something great that has happened this week is that the ward council has picked it up again. Even though our Lider Misional has been MIA and studying abroad in Lima, the leaders have been calling us and setting appointments up with new less actives, 6 of which were in Sacrament meeting last week. It has been a huge learning experience to teach the Doctrine to these people and see that they have been prepared. Also I have a stronger testimony of the power of the Doctrine as the Spirit has been present as we have taught these people. I can only imagine how it'll be when the Bishop calls a new ward mission leader seeing as to how our agendas are filling up fast already.

Although some of the baptismal dates which we have set have fallen, we are working efficiently to keep those who act according to their faith progressing and we will be seeing converts soon.

I am trying my best to adapt to my new assignment and the work load that it entails. My companion is great; he is very patient with me and very humble. This week had been good to let him get to feel how hard we are going to work every day in Huanta.

We are hoping to have a baptism the week after this one, a baker named Milagros. She has been super great and has already formed a habit of daily scripture study and what's even better is that she is applying what she learns. Never before have I had this conversation with an investigator before:

Me: That's go great that you are reading! What have you been able to learn?
Milagros: Well, if I pray with faith like Lehi and Nefi did, then God will answer my prayers. Also like Nefi had to kill Laban because God said so, sometimes I will have to be obedient to God even when it super hard because it will bless me.
Me:....That's all super great and really true

Haha. I hope we can ALL learn to read with the Spirit in the scriptures. The Book of Mormon was written for us. Thousands have died and many have poured out their souls on these pages so WE can be happy and find Christ in our lives.

Just to tie everything together, I feel the spirit as I teach the gospel of Christ and read the Book of Mormon. The spirit testifies of truth and truth never changes. When sailors navigate, they usually use markers like the stars, moon, and sun to know where to go because they never change in pattern. We all need to be more aware of the light and truth that we have to guide us in our lives. If you are lost and don't know what the next step in your life is, use these points of reference to guide you. I testify that these resources that God has given us like the scriptures, prayer, the church, the temples, will ALWAYS be there for us to lead us out of darkness and into eternal life.

I love and miss you all!


Elder Bromley

Translation: "the most coveted"

With Elder Gonzales

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