Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 47- Huanta, Ayacucho, Peru: A New Cambio! (and PICTURES)

This week has been very eventful. First off, some little old woman in a parade threw baby powder on me and like 30 seconds later somebody poured water on Elder Gonzales and I. I'm kind of glad los carnavales have ended cause it was getting stressful to be a missionary. Second, it was my birthday and now I'm 21. That was cool because one of my investigators ALMOST made me red velvet cake (one of my favorites) but it turned out super weird and she gave me chocolate cake that was still super good. We are hoping that she can reach a baptismal date for the 29 of March.

Papito Victor Alfaro is doing very well. He was able to be baptized this last week at the age of 71! After we shut the doors to the baptismal font, he started weeping and said, "I'm with God now!" Now we just need to wait for his wife to get back from the rainforest so she can get baptized too!

Elder Gonzales gave a little farewell talk as now he has been transferred to Chorrillos, Lima. Something he said caught my attention, that all of the people who we had baptized in Huanta were at the sacrament meeting that morning, which is great because retention is the hardest thing here in the work of salvation. Members, please please PLEASE, HELP THE NEW MEMBERS. 3 Nefi 18:32

My new companion here in Huanta is Elder Riveros. He is from Chile and has 4.5 months in the mission. I like the way he teaches so far and I know that we will see great things here in Ayacucho to keep up what Elder Gonzales (Mijo) and I were doing.

I learned yesterday that I will be a district leader now, which would be less stressful if the zone leaders told me what I need to do haha but I know it'll all be ok seeing as to how it was before. God fits our abilities to the task.

Please remember everybody that obedience is an act of faith; the opposite can be said as well, that if we are not obedient to God, we do not have faith and will not reap the blessings He wants us to have; if you almost keep the commandments, you almost get the blessings. We should always be aware of the little things in which we can improve always so we can keep being sculpted by God into the people we need to be.

I love you all! Do your visiting and home teaching! And help the missionaries!

Elder Bromley

Papito Victor
Papito Victor's baptism
21st birthday cake

Elder Bromley and his cake
Frosting goatee
Elder Riveros y Elder Bromley at internet

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