Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week 14- Eugene, Oregon: Laura's Baptism

Hello everybody! 

So last week has been very eventful. Laura was baptized this last Saturday and was confirmed yesterday! After her baptism at a linger longer we asked her who she wanted to do the confirmation and she chose me. Immediately I was worried that my Spanish wasn't adequate but I agreed to it anyways. When talking with Elder Anderson about it, he said something very straightforward, "You can give the confirmation in Spanish, if you have the faith." At that moment I knew that I was going to speak Spanish the next day and I just needed to open my mouth. Everything went well and Laura looked very happy the rest of sacrament meeting. I'll send pictures whenever I figure out these library computers.

There is one more thing that happened this week that I want to share. There is an 73 year-old man named Roberto Garcia in our branch who we help do family history work a couple times a week. He walked in with over forty names to plug into the computer and send off to the temple! After a lot of effort we managed to send one name off last week - his mom's name. He was so happy knowing that he had gotten all of his mom's temple work started, he could hardly even talk for a few minutes. The knowedge that he could live with his family forever brings him so much joy and he is very tenaciously seeing that all of the work gets done for all of his other relatives.

Later that day, Elder Anderson and I were tracting and we decided to go talk to this older white man who was standing on his porch even though he clearly did not speak Spanish. We came to know that his name was Dwight and that he had only been in Oregon for 3-5 years. We also learned that his long-time girlfriend had passed away almost a year ago, and it is something that is still heavy in his heart to this day. He broke down and said he had to go but then Elder Anderson called after him and asked him to wait. We then explained the Plan of Salvation to him and how he will be able to see his loved ones again, including his girlfriend. I offered a prayer before leaving and he greatly appreciated our visit.

I just want to suggest to all of you to look into studying the Plan of Salvation. There is such a contrast in sentiments toward death depending on if you have this knowledge or not. Remember always that you are children of God.

Elder Jeff Bromley II

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