Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 9- Medford, Oregon: What Medford is Like

What Medford is like, 

So last Saturday during Companionship Study time, Elder Ketchum decided that I should play a song on guitar for the baptism of a little girl named Emma. I was fine with the idea except for the fact that the guitar a member lent detuned as it sat in our closet during the week. I asked Elder Ketchum to get a CD he has with the hymns on guitar so I could tune mine. The other Elders (Elder Garcia and Elder Johnson) we live with took it into their car so we had them go get it out. This is what happened according to Elder Garcia:

     They both walked up to their car parked in the street and Elder Garcia opened up the passenger side door and was looking around for the CD. He smelled something weird and looked into the back seat only to find a tennis shoe. Connected to the tennis shoe was a smelly hobo who had gotten into their car drunk the night before and passed out. Elder Garcia walked back and told Elder Johnson, and then Elder Johnson ran away. This really happened and I have pictures. I got to wake him up and asked if he was ok, which he was. Then I gave him a gatorade and he left in peace. The car smells absolutely terrible to this day.

     Anyways, besides the fact that you should all LOCK YOUR CARS, I just wanted to say thanks to my dad since yesterday was Father's day. He helped me get through high school and always made sure that I was staying out of trouble. He has always been my biggest fan when I played soccer and guitar and he has also been one of my biggest supporters on my mission. I love you dad! Happy Father's day!

     I want all of you to remember as well that you all have a Father in heaven (in addition to your dad) who loves and knows you perfectly. Never forget that! He wants you to be happy always and has provided you with a plan to do so. I have learned more about life in the past few weeks reading and studying the Book of Mormon than I have in the past 20 years. Open it up and start reading.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Jeff Bromley II

Jeffrey asked me to post this photo of him and his dad along with this post- Happy Father's Day!

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