Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 8- Medford, Oregon: Applying Good Advice

Hello all!

It's crazy to think that I've almost spent a month in Oregon now! It feels like just yesterday I was eating cafeteria food at the Missionary Training Center and now I'm eating Mexican food every day. My companion, Elder Ketchum, and I get along great. We make a good team and we are about to wash our car so that we can win the "golden plates" for the clean car contest at a meeting tomorrow. All of the missionaries here are really nice and I feel really comfortable around all of them.

My branch has a baptism coming up; this 15th, a little girl named Emma who's mom is a recent convert will be baptized and another one of our investigator families is going to attend to see how it is. I'm hoping that they feel a good spirit there and gain more confidence. We are also visiting two middle-aged men who nicknamed themselves "El Tigre" and "El Beautiful." Just wanted you all to know.

Here's a funny little miracle that happened. My little sister Belle wrote to me (in one of the letters that she hid in my suitcase) to be nice to all of the stray dogs I find in Peru. Well I'm not in Peru yet, but as my companion and I were leaving a trailer park, I turned around and saw an Australian Shepard following us. I stopped and let it sniff me and then I pet its head. It looked up at my companion (who has met some crazy dogs on his mission) and I told him to pet its head as well. Once he did that we decided to take it home. We walked it back and met his owner, a woman named Paula, and she thanked us for bringing Max the dog back. She ended up being one of the most receptive people that I've met on my mission so far; at first I handed her a card, then a pamphlet, then a Libro de Mormon. It really proves that we should follow whatever advice we are given.

This relates to the talks I heard at church on Sunday about preparation. A note that I wrote down from one of the talks was a question: "What words of direction from the leaders in our church have I not fully listened to yet?" We are so blessed to have so many great people give us advice, all we really need to do is apply it. Take notes of and ponder the things you hear about at sacrament - it can really help out a lot.

Anyways, I love and miss you all! Keep doing work back home!

Elder Jeff Bromley II


  1. This is a wonderful note from Jeff!! I have picked up a few small things to send to him. But, now I will have to include some dog treats that he can keep in his pocket!! : )
    Belle, Great advice!!

  2. Haha good idea with the dog treats! He would love that :)