Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 45- Huanta, Ayacucho, Peru: God Sustains Us After We Do ALL That is Possible (PICTURES!)

Tell every one that I'm still healthy just a little skinnier haha

This week was fun; we did service in a member's backyard and I looked down at my arm and saw little droplets of blood. Apparently there are little fruit flies here that bite, haha (p.s. that didn't make me sick either)

The ward had a baptism, a little girl named Megan. It was a great night; the room was filled again as she made her first covenant. Among the congregation was Fernando (the recent convert) and a couple others whose baptismal dates are in limbo.

This week was very long because my companion and I worked our butts off. We managed to have 17 lessons with members present and 14 lessons with recent converts and less actives. Every day I learn more that God sustains us after we do ALL that is possible.

2 Nefi 25:23, Ether 12

Elder Bromley

Looks like this photo didn't finish uploading before he sent the e-mail... but he still looks good!

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