Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 1- MTC: A Note from Elder Bromley's First Mission Companion

Elder Bromley's mother has become an active member of a missionary moms online group for missionaries currently serving in the Peru Lima South mission. She got in touch with the mom of Jeff's first MTC mission companion (Elder Clarke), who forwarded her the e-mail that her son sent home to her last week. This is what he had to say about being companions with Jeffrey:

"I have the best companion in the whole world. Seriously!! His name is Elder Bromley, he's from California, and he's half-Peruvian! On thursday, he became the District Leader and so I am the Senior companion by default. Life is pretty busy, but we are all doing great things! The first few days are long because we were getting used to the rules of the mission and what to do as a missionary, but it's not that hard if you are converted to the Lord. What this means to me is that I don't question any of the rules - I just do them! And work hard, and I am blessed. I love being a missionary now! So, Elder Bromley just turned 20 on March 3, and he went to BYU-I. He is so fun to be around - we have such a close bond as companions. I realized it is important to have fun and laugh, at the right times and places. During our companionship inventories and companionship studies/preparations to teach our investigator, Josue, he always illustrates his feelings or his understanding of the concept on Post-It pads or on the white board in our classroom. It keeps it very interesting and entertaining! He is basically an artist, too. He has a very creative mind, that is all over the place at times, but I love him for it! I will have to show you some of his drawings sometimes, they are funny. We get along really well together."

How fun to see Jeff as a missionary through the eyes of his companion :)

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