Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 76- Villa Maria, Lima, Peru: A Message for Men of Missionary Age

 Hello all!

This week has been a lot of work. Elder Sanhueza and I have been working our butts off here. We are currently setting plans with the Ward Council and bringing them to pass. WARD COUNCIL MEMBERS, PLEASE HELP THE MISSIONARIES.

We had a baptism, her name is Angelina Chavez. She is super cool and it was great teaching her with cards.

Here's something for those men of missionary age:

Tell them that I love them all! Tell them that there is absolutely nothing that could be of more worth to them in their lives right now than preparing themselves for the mission. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He is our Example; He is our Leader and our Captain. He has called us. He goes before us. He will provide the way and the means. Our weaknesses will convert into strengths and our seemingly insignificant abilities will be fortified to meet the task. The only reason why a mission should be delayed would be to put one's life in harmony with the will of God through repentance. Repent. All things temporal are excuses while all things spiritual are reasons. The biggest failure of man is letting what he wants in the moment destroy what he wants in the eternity. A good missionary has 4 basic characteristics. Worthiness to have the Spirit, humility to listen to it, obedience to fan the flame of faith, and diligence to magnify the calling. Love should always be the motive. Accept that you do not understand all things. Confide in God's omniscience and not in your own imperfect knowledge. Obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. If you wait for the perfect moment, it'll never come. Act now.

I love and miss you all!

Elder Bromley

A huge Peruvian graveyard city

A pig face on the ground

Angelina Chavez with her dad and family

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