Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 61- La Esperanza, Pisco, Peru: Giovanny's Baptism (and PICTURES!!)

Everything is well here in Pisco.

We had a baptism, Giovanny Huaccachi. He is a super cool 14 year old, and his dad, who is a member as of 3 weeks, was able to baptize him. This family is so awesome, they invited us to there first familt home evening tonight! They are changing and are so happy. It really shows that if we actually just do what we believe, we naturally become happier people. It is so awesome seeing how new members are becoming so strong so quickly, and it is all do to the familiar structure that they have. The gospel blesses families and brings them back to live with our Father.

We have plans to marry another family, Juan Carlos and Clara. They are so excited to be baptized and are already becopming faithful member even before baptism. I love working with families for exactly this reason. They are just super self motivating and the blessing they receive are even bigger. 

Apply the gospel in your families!

Elder Bromley

Elder Bromley y Elder Mera
The Elders with Giovanny
Giovanny and his dad

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